Friday, October 22, 2010

Just One More Chicken Foot...

The synaguards have started flirting with me. But other than that, not much else to report from the last month. Lies! I've been studying ratios and $10,000 words for the GRE. I think I take it tomorrow, but I haven't been emailed the time and location thereof. That, plus the possibility of an epically proportioned typhoon hitting HK this weekend may seriously hinder whether or not I take the test.

This is not a tragedy in my life. Grad school is not happening this year (I don't think...) So if the typhoon hits, I'll just get my $200 back and be able to buy many sandwiches in Korea to take to Caitlin in Mongolia. That's my plan: 2 more weeks in Hong Kong (doing Rocky Horror, eating as much mango curry as possible, and crying at the thought of leaving), 1 week in South Korea, 1 week in Mongolia, 1 week in Ireland, 2 weeks in Europe, a few days in NYC, a few days in Illinois, then South Dakota for a couple weeks. After that, I might get a job and try to make a difference in the world.

This weekend, I'll be performing in a charity show for the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. Apparently, Kate Winslet was going to go, but she's been uninvited due to worries of aggressive reporters. She's in town for the Steven Soderbergh viral movie that they won't let me be in.

If you have 10 minutes to kill, listen to a radio interview in which I was introduced as Karen Carpenter and sang a duet with the incredibly talented Arvin Robles: