Monday, May 17, 2010

Pictoral Venice in HK

Hey, loading the photos worked.

Venetian Twins--I particularly enjoyed the giant back-lit poster with my picture on it. Over one week later, it's still up and I'm feeling the effects:
Just the other day, I was sitting in Pacific Coffee, wearing a tie vest, and reading near my friend Shirley. I had this dazzling book, The Razor's Edge, by Somerset Maugham. During the course of our reading time, 3 different people came in and waved at me. Don't pretend you're not impressed.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Venetian Twins

I'm probably slowly losing my readership as I continuously forget to post anything about my glamorous life.
Also, as I have many important things to do other than blog, the quality of the posts has declined in recent months. It's just a phase, I'm sure. I'll grow out of it just like I grew out of hot pink and jazz hands. Oh, wait...

I'd like to state that Devon and Jeff came here, yes, and that week will be documented in due course. It's like preparing to tackle a thesis or something, I can't get started. Truth be told, I must read about 100 more pages of a so-far rather dull book in time for our dorky weekly quasi-family discussion. Therefore, I would like to simply picture dump from my latest smash hit, "The Venetian Twins." It was a frenetic and wacky Australian musical of mistaken identity. I played Columbina, the hussy maid to the whiny mistress. WILD! A radio interview I half did can be found online somewhere.
Unnnnnfortunately, I am currently unable to post any photos on blogger. Technical issues, I suppose.
Facebook users can see a few, though I deleted some because that dress was just not fair. Whoever thought it was a good idea to add stuffing to the waist, hips, and butt of a dress and smash the bosom should be fired.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pathetically Bored? Read This Blog.

Recently past and near future events defy description. Devon and Jeff visited (a substantial blog to follow at some point when I'm not so occupied with many important things). I've auditioned to be a cartoony voice for Vtech educational toys. The next play, "The Venetian Twins"--a frenetic and wacky Australian musical about twins--two of them, and mistaken identity, goes up this week. It's been an interesting experience. Suffice to say, the central conflict in my life right now is attempting to make my bosom appear large in a Medieval dress. Sounds like a joke, I know, but today the director asked me, "Did you find any sort of push-up bra?" and I sadly responded, "This IS a push-up bra." He laughed and apologized.

I had planned a trip to The Philippines for May (to celebrate Buddha's birthday, of course), but now I will be going to Guangzhou in China to perform the Penguin show--thrice! I need to move my trip to another time, which might be ok, since apparently there's a radical group causing violent trouble in the region of the Philippines where I'd be going. I can't really take this group seriously, though, as their acronym in MILF. Mom and Dad, if you don't know what MILF means, just ask Devon.

I made a very brief trip back to South Dakota last weekend to be with my family for my grandpa's funeral. A sad time, but good to gather with the family and share memories. In June, I'll visit SD again for 2 weddings and carting my grandma around Wal-Mart.

Post-HK is up in the air still. I'll know more after learning the results of some upcoming auditions (even one for Hong Kong Disneyland, Steven!). It's looking like I'll still be here through mid-December, no matter what.

Also, Jacksonvillians, look out for a Source article either this week or next.