Saturday, December 20, 2008

Feats of Strength

Contrary to wide-spread rumors, promoted primarily by my grandma, I have not been on such a bed of affliction that I could not even write a blog entry. I am humbled that people would assume it would take an abject illness to keep me from this, but in reality, I have just been exceptionally apathetic about it of late.

Fortunately for my devoted public, I am currently attempting to beat jet lag by staying up all night before my flight in the morning. I have nothing better to do.
This weblog is illustrated...

Some of us from Dramatic English went out for a "Christmas Buffet". It's apparently a popular thing to do. Here's my chromatic meal:
People were there, too:

l-r is Raymond (former DE employee and the most British person I've ever met in HK), Cloris, Joan, Kazumi, Vera, Logan, Angel. Tim's on the floor and I'm in the back with the new guy. When I asked Vera how to spell the new guy's English name, she said "h-e-m-a-n" and I said something about Castle Grayskull. As it turns out, his name is actually Henman. And he was almost epic.

This is typical to celebrate a birthday:

That's a giant lotus bun with fairly sophisticated pyrotechnics jabbed into it. I took this as the flames were dying out. Only in China.

Here's a shot from a show we did a few days ago. Those's why I love my job.

Just to alleviate any confusion, that's Tim in the picture, not me.

I'll be in the US between Dec 20 and Jan 1. I won't have a phone and will rarely have Internet access--so good luck finding me!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Pictoral Review

My Swedish friend doing a street show--that's a real knife in the air; and she's standing on two men from the audience:As I'm sure everyone is aware, Cantonese Opera Day was last week. The costumes and make-up are truly understated:I forced Hong Kong to celebrate Thanksgiving with me. Since ovens are rare commodities, our meal was less traditional, featuring puppy chow and a cheeseball. I'd take these people over a turkey any day:Mona from the studio got married. It was extremely different from any wedding I've ever attended. I especially enjoyed the groom's sparkly jacket. Here's a picture of some Dramatic English people with the bride and groom. Notice how I'm awkwardly holding my gift--completely unaware that people don't give gifts at weddings here. And my faux-pas sphere continues to envelope me. And now for some photos for which you have all been waiting with bated breath. You will see what I actually do for work! (It's not all juggling and weddings). First, a picture of a recent audience. We usually perform to around 1,000 students per show:

On stage as the penguin, just realizing that I am on a game show called "You Just Killed Another Penguin." Not sure why it looks like I'm shouting; the Penguin is silent:

To demonstrate the problem of over-fishing, Eric and I are sadistic fishers/canners who scour the ocean and chop up anything that they catch in their net. We catch Tim every show... :Then we lighten things up with a kickline...?...I promise the show makes sense:A few days ago, we had a photo shoot for new publicity projects. I just kept thinking, "What would Tyra Banks tell me to do?" This first one is I as Smogman. We have a smoke machine in the show. Smogman shows how bad air pollution is: Eric and I are always happy to juxtapose the disturbing blood-stained aprons:The Penguin almost always has this ridiculously happy face:
We also did shots for the Shakespeare show...this is Tim as Demetrius and I as Hermia, resisting his advances a la "Midsummer": To be or not to be...:
fter a busy last few weeks, the TIE team has a bit of a break as our next show is Dec. 16. We're working on scripting a show about Internet piracy, fixing props that the kids break, and helping make new props for the student shows. For example, I spent an entire day cutting out and stuffing monkey ears and tails for "Jungle Book." All in a day's work...