Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hola, Hong Kong

Alert blog readers will easily recall Rita, my friend from Spain, currently living in Beijing. She once again visited Hong Kong, but this time with her mom, Rita. Two Ritas are even better than one.
Mama Rita is loca, in the best way possible. She also was the object of attention
from all the men in Hong Kong.

We toured around Hong Kong on my day off and met for dinner and disgusting dessert on days I worked.
I don't know the precise contents of these photos, but I know that in at least one, you can see my red, now fading to pink hair.
You'll also notice the higher quality of photos, thanks to Rita 2.0 and her equipment and talent. My camera's battery has been dead for a month.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My fellow Americans

I went to the US Consulate yesterday to add pages to my passport. I love the US Consulate for all the right reasons. I'll probably elope there if I ever find an unmarried straight man who appreciates sarcasm, has a thorough knowledge of "Seinfeld," and showers daily. But that's like trying to find a unicorn in the New York subway--a Hindu in the Vatican--a liberal in western South Dakota. (You get points for more examples)

Anyway, the Consulate. They confiscated my deodorant, sunscreen, and mobile phone, but those are extravagances. I'm trying to live more like Ghandi these days anyway. It's going pretty well. I walk everywhere, even if it takes 2 hours. I don't eat much unclean meat, but I guess that's more like Abraham than Ghandi. And I'm learning Spanish.

I had my final show for work last weekend--a fabulous Penguin show at the Library. I know it was fabulous because only one child struck me.

Now I am covering classes for an absent teacher. It's grand. I get to be Miss Camber again...Miss Camber is my alter-ego. She cares deeply about children and wants them to succeed in life. One precocious brat of a student called her "counter-intuitive" the other day. Miss Camber does not dwell on impossible insults.

Back track to "Lysistrata"--we performed this oldest comedy ever written as a charity to raise scholarship money for students to attend classes at the studio. Directed by the lovely and talented Meaghan McGurgan, the production--despite every obstacle possible, went off well.

I'm wearing a mask, which I'm sure my sister would say is a better look for me and I should consider wearing one at all times.

I moved away from the Bedazzler! No more reverse thongs for me...I mean, for me to see on her. I don't really want to say where I live now, for fear of a weird guy, but I'll say it's close to a synagogue. There are guards outside of it at all times. I call them synaguards. No one else thinks that's as funny as I do.

I'm living in the best possible situation. Currently alone and "house sitting" while my friend Kath visits her 92-year-old grandma in Manchester. When she returns, we'll be flatmates for a couple of months before I leave Hong Kong in November. She doesn't want me to pay rent. I'm so thankful for this boon! She just wants to do something nice and I am the fortunate beneficiary.

I dyed half of my hair a really trailer-trashy red-pink. It's the bottom half, so I can still sort of convince people to take me seriously.

To celebrate America, Lindsey, her mom, and I hiked 4-hours in high 90s temps on Lamma Island.
Lamma scene:

In a semi-deserted village:
A bit of the daily for The, Dad:

And a rain-filled light bulb:

This is a Kamikaze grotto. The Japanese constructed these caves to store speedboats and other equipment for an attack on the Allied forces. The War ended before they finished, so they were never used:

Also, I finally went to the Central Post Office and saw this stamp mosaic. Totally worth it: