Friday, November 27, 2009

Millie. Again...

Albert has posted some "Millie" videos on youtube. It really is your lucky day!

I may need to explain to the parental units...copy the URL address below and paste it into that long white box near the top of the computer screen. Hit "Enter" and it should take you to the right video. If all else fails, you appear to understand the concept of a google search, so go to and put my full name in the search engine and Forget About the Boy will come up. Perhaps I'll do a phone conference to explain further, so as to relieve other readers

The Speed Test

Forget About the Boy

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanks A Lot

The Second Annual Hong Kong Style Thanksgiving Dinner has taken place. This year, we gathered at Aaron's apartment to enjoy a potluck meal. Aaron cooked an actual turkey in an oven! I didn't know there were turkeys or ovens in HK, so this was a very enlightening evening. He also made stuffing and cranberry sauce from scratch, which shamed my Betty Crocker potato buds.
The cornucopia:

Aaron's famous stuffed peppers:

Because it's not Thanksgiving without squid potatoes:

At the table--Scott, who was the musical director of "Thoroughly Modern Mille" said he hadn't been to a Thanksgiving dinner since 1973, when he was hitch-hiking in Maryland and someone picked them up on the way to one.

I went early to Aaron's to help prepare. I tried to cube the yams, but my technique was so terrible, he insisted I let him do it while I went to the store to buy marshmallows.

I haven't seen Fewer Chins guy this week, which may be due to the fact that I made puppy chow for Thanksgiving, possibly resulting in the return of one or more chins. No work on Monday or Tuesday. Typically, I would have travelled over a 4-day weekend, but with rehearsals and "training" (I'm running a 10k next week) I stayed here. Hiking with Tom Sawyer tomorrow should result in better pictures for the next post. Another goal is to make my apartment not look like a frat house anymore. I say that to myself every week, but this time, I'm sure I mean it.

Monday, November 16, 2009 many did I have?

On the Carpenter parental units' trip to Hong Kong, the paternal unit expressed interest in the job of this person:

The job is to throw a giant rope from the ferry to the dock. We agreed that with this job, between the rope throwing, one could accomplish much reading, if one desired.

Since we perform at schools in the far reaches of Hong Kong, we are frequently graced with non-touristy scenes. Thanks to a GREAT suggestion from AliC, I've started taking photos of some of these scenes. More to come, but for now... Line drying on a public railing:

Man with a bird cage:

We still use the camera in the show. This was the first time the student was really into it:

Also, everyone knows about the East Asian Games coming to Hong Kong in a couple weeks. Every country represented at the games gets to have a giant illuminated structure. This is in TST, by the clock tower. I took a photo of the Mongolian one--just for you, Caitlin.
Does this look like your ger?:

I went on a date the other night with a guy I've known for several months...he told me I'm much more beautiful now that I have fewer chins. HAHAHAHAHA!!! No American would ever say that. Fortunately, I'm beyond taking offense to just about anything.
We had our first rehearsal for "The Odd Couple" on Saturday morning--a read through/brunch at the 24-hour breakfast diner. This cast is incredible. One woman is named "Shirley" so I look forward to asking if she's serious. "Tom Sawyer" is going strong. We had our first full run-through tonight and we open in about 3 and a half weeks. Tonight, the guy playing Tom told me that he begged and pleaded with the director of "The Odd Couple" to have something to do with the production, since the cast is all the "big names". I denied being such, but nonetheless look forward to having him as deputy stage manager.
Jodi (director of "Tom Sawyer") and I went to a great production of "The Merchant of Venice"--planning to go on a hike with "fewer chins" guy tomorrow, barring a weather-related cancellation. This entry contains an excessive use of quotation marks. I'll try to keep that in check next time.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Force

I've been on a bit of a blog sabbatical, much to the disappointment of my parental units and Keith Bradbury, I'm sure. Usually, on a sabbatical, one refreshes and educates oneself. As you can see, I have done just that:

Important note: This is NOT from Halloween. We did schedule our movie shoot for immediately after Halloween in order to get a good deal on a Darth Vader costume rental. This is part of our "100 Movies" show. The plan is that the students will watch the short film and provide the necessary sound effects. Basically, it's Superman's quotidian morning routine, which involves encounters with Cat Woman, Gollum, The Joker, and an epic battle with Darth Vader.

We celebrated my birthday...again. If age went with birthday celebrations, I'd be floating around mid-thirties by now. This one was with DE staff and included Nicole's birthday, too. I enjoy how on the cake, my name is in Chinese and hers is in English:

David's birthday called for a grand celebration as well (anyone who read my Source article may now see the source of that inspiration). He had a Turtle cake:

Also at David's party, I witnessed a marriage proposal for the first time in my life. Thank goodness, I wasn't directly involved in it, but congratulations to Teddy, who kept apologizing after said proposal:

For the benefit of my parental units, here is a recent photo of Sky and Aaron (and myself):

I talk about them frequently, so I thought you might like to put faces to the names. They were both in "Millie" and Aaron is playing the Preacher in "Tom Sawyer".
AliC-message received and indeed, I will begin to take more pictures of daily Hong Kong life.
Going to see "Sister Mary Ignatius Explains it All for You" tonight. I read it in American Drama in college and definitely look forward to seeing it! (Is that enough pimping, McG?--sorry, it's on the last day and I know you're sold out anyway...)
STILL haven't heard from "The Odd Couple" so maybe it's about time to give up. On that note, I just remembered that I have a great picture for AliC:

It's a traditional Chinese Junk. People can rent these and take them out for parties on the ocean. I went on one a couple of nights ago with the director of "Tom Sawyer", American Indian Joe (this is my own personal adjustment of Twain's character name), and several other interesting people.
With that, I hope that's a long enough post to suffice for a week or two...I broke my internet stick, so I'm back at the cafe! They have missed me terribly, I'm sure.